Zoe-Lou Morris

Currently an Associate Member of New Zealand’s leading body for people working in dispute resolution, AMINZ,      Zoe-Lou holds the credentials AAMINZ. 

 Born in Berlin, Zoe-Lou Morris' parents immigrated to New Zealand in 1998. She grew up in Auckland, completed her Cambridge A levels at ACG Parnell College and lived parts of her later life in New York City and Berlin.  She has a strong passion for life and is seen as a gifted problem solver.

 Zoe-Lou's interest in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) ignited while she was enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology at the University of Auckland. It was during this time that she realised there were a number of individuals in New Zealand who were not having their voices adequately heard, whether it be for reasons of financial limitation, procedure, or power imbalance. As such, she subsequently chose to discontinue her qualification in order to play her part as an exponent for mediation, which she believes is a fair and just process when utilised for all of its benefits. She has since completed a number of papers and courses for Dispute Resolution at Massey University and AMINZ. Through gaining a greater understanding of conflict resolution, her enthusiasm only grew.

 "I believe strongly that people are more likely to stick to an agreement if it is their own, freely negotiated decision. My aim is to help both parties with strategic problem solving and negotiation so that they can come to a consensual agreement." Z.M.

 Towards the end of 2018, Zoe-Lou founded ‘Your Resolution’, a private firm offering dispute resolution services which holds a particular interest for mediation. Her dedication to giving back to the community has seen her establish a strong partnership with the Citizen Advice Bureau in Auckland’s Waitakere Region.

 Zoe-Lou is continuing to expand her expertise by completing further courses and certificates as soon as those opportunities arise. She believes this is essential when working with a broad spectrum of disputes in a growing industry. Of equal importance, this feeds her curiosity and passion for growing the possibilities and applications of Alternative Dispute Resolution in New Zealand.

 Trust Zoe-Lou's calm and open nature, her proven qualities and let her assist all parties in reaching a satisfying agreement.

“ In my dealings with Zoe-Lou Morris in the recent mediation process, I found her to be consistent, principled, impartial and above all professional. I would therefore not hesitate to refer anyone to her for help. Thanks.” K.T.

Zoe-Lou Morris
+64 21 024 30987