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 Mediation provides the opportunity for parties to a dispute to come together and explore a wide range of solutions in a private setting. It enables business and personal relationships to be maintained and puts control of the outcome in hands of the parties themselves.

   Conflict Coaching is either one-on-one or group training helping you understand conflict, the positives and the negatives, and will result in confidence and guidance for you to address conflict and move forward. Conflict coaching can be particularly beneficial for employers and managers leading a strong team of employees.

Mediation Process:

Preliminary Meeting - Before the mediation begins a separate preliminary meeting with both parties will take place. This is where the process will be discussed, there will be confirmation that all parties are willing to mediate and have the authority to settle, and that there are no conflicts of interest between the parties and the mediator. The agreement to mediate will be signed before the mediation meeting takes place.

Mediation Meeting - After the preliminary meetings we will come together as a group to discuss interests and explore solutions, this is the mediation meeting. During this time Zoe-Lou is also able to have private meetings with each party to extract further interests and concerns. This will allow the process to move forward in a timely manner which adds to the cost effectiveness of mediation.  

Settlement - If a settlement is reached, a mediated agreement will be prepared by Zoe-Lou and signed by the parties.  No settlement is binding unless and until it is in writing and has been signed by all of the parties

Follow Up - After the mediation Zoe-Lou will follow up with all parties to hear if there any questions or if further support is needed.


Cost - The mediator's fee will be charged on a time and attendance basis, at a rate of $150 per hour plus GST and disbursements. Full-day rates are also available for longer meetings (more than four hours) and cover:

  • Preliminary meetings
  • Preparation for and organisation of the mediation
  • Follow up discussions 

 Please email us to request a copy of our terms of engagement, including a standard agreement to mediate.

 Feel free to get in touch with us, ask questions or raise any concerns you may have. We are among a network of professionals, including arbitrators and litigators, and will refer you onto an alternative practitioner, if we find that is more suitable.

“ Zoe-Lou is incredibly proficient and respectful. She is always well equipped and has a great eye for both minor details and the bigger picture. She has an uncanny ability to bring two clashing parties together to create the most desirable outcome for both. Hands down my best experience with a mediator.” L.L.B.


Mediation & Conflict Resolution
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