Client Feedback

 “ Thank you for dealing with the issue regarding our fence. My husband and I were so impressed your ways of conducting the mediation process. It was so sensible, professional, systematic and straightforward. We really appreciate your service and are so thankful for your great talent and skills of helping us solve the issue. We came to a very fair and reasonable agreement between ourselves and our neighbor.

Once again thank you very much and more power to you." Minda & Elias

“ In my dealings with Zoe-Lou Morris in the recent mediation process, I found her to be consistent, principled, impartial and above all professional. I would therefore not hesitate to refer anyone to her for help. Thanks.” K.T.

“ Zoe-Lou is one of the most positive, relationally intelligent people I know. Her ability to identify the underlying issue really helped me move forward in a conflicting scenario at work. She communicates clearly and effectively and is great at managing relationship dynamics well.” A.B.

 “ I would happily recommend Zoe-Lou to anyone who is looking for guidance in resolving a dispute. She is very professional, her approach is very distinctive, and she is an extraordinary listener. Zoe-Lou was clear and concise during the process. She explained the process and gave us the confidence we needed in order to attempt mediation. Zoe was able to guide us one step at a time and sooner than I had imagined was I able to think clearly about coming to an agreement. I’m very grateful for her assistance – Thank you!” Y.W.

“ Zoe-Lou is incredibly proficient and respectful. She is always well equipped and has a great eye for both minor details and the bigger picture. She has an uncanny ability to bring two clashing parties together to create the most desirable outcome for both. Hands down my best experience with a mediator.” L.L.B.

“ Zoe-Lou presents herself in a caring and neutral manor. She stimulated our negotiations and discussions which lead to a satisfactory agreement. I felt respected throughout the process. ” L.M.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution
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